Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Program

The program groups 3 at-risk youth together and guides them through creating a small business through 3 modules. The program begins with an intensive 12-week curriculum that teaches the participants how to start a business. The second module is 4-weeks long, and contains the legal aspects of starting a business. The third module is wrap-around support and is personalized towards the needs of each unique business. The program involves local organizations such as Enactus Windsor and LTEC to provide mentoring, facilitation of the curriculum, and to provide wrap-around support (3rd module). The participants will receive micro funding on achievement of specific milestones, with the end goal of the program to have the participants continue their business.

If you would like to be part of the YES program, you can contact Siddique Sheikh at 519-551-3733 or at [email protected]