Tribute to Entrepreneurs

Windsor is poised to go through a major transformation. The Accelerator is a perfect example of what a group of dedicated individuals can accomplish by working together towards building not only businesses success, but also a better community. Built on a foundation of collaboration and perseverance, the Accelerator is the entrepreneurial hub that is driving the region towards economic prosperity.

The Tribute to Entrepreneurship Event was created in honour of two leaders in entrepreneurialissm who have demonstrated their life-long commitment to Windsor-Essex: Clare E. Winterbottom, LL.D. and Dr. Alfie Morgan.

Clare E. Winterbottom, LL.D., the founder of Anchor Lamina, purchased the company in 1975 and served as Chief Executive Officer from February 1988 until December 1998. Anchor Lamina has produced consistent growth over the years, with revenues increasing from $450,000 in 1975 to over $190 million in the 1998 fiscal year. Clare laid the groundwork for Anchor (now Anchor Danly) to be a dominant die set manufacturer in Canada with global clients. In 2005 he published a book, Made in Windsor, which profiled his entrepreneurial experiences.
Dr. Alfie Morgan is an Emeritus Professor of Business Administration at the University of Windsor. He authored/co-authored numerous publications in the areas of entrepreneurship, new venture formation, strategic planning and strategic management. Spanning over 45 years at four U.S. and Canadian universities, he taught over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students in addition to attendees in seminars, workshops, and short training courses for entrepreneurs and business executives.

Funds raised benefit the Accelerator and our efforts to support new and emerging entrepreneurs in our region.