High School Entrepreneurial Outreach Program

The Accentchin program consists of young entrepreneurs (mentors) going into high schools for five consecutive days to teach entrepreneurship. These young entrepreneurs use new and innovative ideas, tools, and processes to communicate the ideas surrounding entrepreneurship. The goal of Accentchin program is to educate high school students about entrepreneurship. Students are grouped into threes and presented a challenge/problem for them to solve through entrepreneurship. The mentors guide the students to refine their business idea each day through exercises and mentor feedback. This will cumulate on a pitch day, which will see each group of students present their ideas to the mentors who will choose a winner. The goal of the project is to introduce entrepreneurship in all high schools in the region and reach 5000 youth. We will engage the high school students in the Windsor Essex region and build the foundation for those who choose to pursue entrepreneurship as a career!

If your high school would like to be part of the Accentchin program, you can contact Siddique Sheikh at 519-551-3733 or at [email protected]